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ADHD & University/TAFE

University and TAFE students with ADHD also experience difficulties, including lower Grade Point Averages than their non-ADHD peers. Moving from the structured environment of a school to the free-falling world of university can be a huge shock to the system for students with inattention, inferior time management and organisational skills.


Research has found that coaching is an excellent tool for helping students to address problems at university, including procrastination, lack of concentration, poor planning, anxiety, social problems and time management.


Coaching can help to:

  • Make the transition from school to university / TAFE

  • Identify and enlist support at university

  • Get organized for university

  • Plan study and leisure time

  • Make the most of tertiary education’s flexible teaching methods

  • Make the most of e-lectures and other e-tools

  • Plan assignments and deliver them on time.

  • Improve writing skills

  • Improve study skills

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