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ADHD in Children

ADHD in Children

Parents of children with ADHD experience high levels of stress and depression. They need support not judgement. Their stress is caused partly by the fact that their children have challenges on many fronts, and partly because society does not always understand children with ADHD and their families.


Research tells us that children with ADHD often struggle at school. Drop-out levels are much higher. They also get more suspensions and expulsions and lower marks. Their lack of organisational and time management skills result in work not being handed in on time, causing them to lose marks unnecessarily. In addition, many children with ADHD do not learn social cues easily, and can struggle to make friends, despite their best efforts.


Coaching can help to:


  • Streamline morning routines

  • Tackle homework problems

  • Turn stressful evenings into ‘happy hours’

  • Improve communication between home & school

  • Identify and address obstacles to learning

  • Improve social skills

  • Make the transition to high school

  • Get organized for school

  • Plan study and leisure time

  • Use homework diaries effectively

  • Identify learning styles and design study strategies to suit them

  • Plan assignments and reports and deliver them on time

  • Improve writing skills

  • Improve study skills

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