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ADHD in Adults

In everyday activities, adults with ADHD may experience difficulty in focusing, meeting deadlines, following jobs through to completion, and sustaining motivation, particularly during tasks which they consider boring or irrelevant. They also describe themselves as being easily distracted, forgetful, disorganised, failing to plan ahead, and producing inconsistent performances at work and on the sports field. They can find it harder to make and keep friends and experience more problems with dating.


Higher rates of separation and divorce are found in adults with ADHD. They also receive more traffic infringements and licence suspensions, particularly for speeding, and are involved in more motor vehicle accidents. With their symptoms well managed, adults with ADHD lead successful, fulfilled lives.


Coaching can help to:

  • Identify bad habits & learn new, positive routines

  • Conquer the chaos

  • De-clutter the house or office

  • Learn to manage time

  • Overcome procrastination

  • Become organized at home and/or at work

  • Set goals and achieve them

  • Improve social skills

  • Pay bills and tax on time

  • Find balance in your life

  • Find a career path

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