Coaching for Executives

Michele completed The Leadership Circle™ 360° Profile & Leadership Culture Survey Certification in 2015.

Michele’s specialised training and experience has equipped her to work with any individual who processes, communicates and operates ‘outside the box’.  She partners with Clients to identify and harness the strengths in their lateral thinking and unconventional approaches and to recognise the modifications they can put in place to minimise associated challenges. She also works with organisations to modify processes in order to capitalise on the valuable gifts of unique individuals that are often untapped.

Michele believes that individuals with unorthodox methods of working in the world expend a great deal of energy trying to conform. She creates a space for individuals to shift this mindset of trying to curb their uniqueness to one of celebrating their difference and putting it to work for them.

Michele uses a strength-based approach, embarking with her clients on journey of self-discovery as they uncover unexplored potential. She employs a range of tools, models and theories that are adapted to accommodate each client’s unique processing styles.