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Back to School – G2G Tips

All children parents experience some level of anxiety at the start of a new year: Will my friends be in my class? Will I get my favourite teachers? Will my child apply himself and do the best he can? Or, Will my daughter make the top netball team she’s trained so hard for? When your […]

ADHD Go-to-Guide Available

I am very proud to present our newly launched book. Written for parents and teachers, the ADHD GO-TO-GUIDE is easy to read and easy to use. You can dip into any chapter and find the information you need on that day. We think it’s unique because it includes research and medical information in plain English […]

The ADHD March – it’s time to be heard

When it comes to ADHD everyone has an opinion, and it’s usually uninformed. But when journalists write an opinion piece we assume that they have been informed by research and by consulting those who have lived experience.  Not so with ADHD. Articles are written with little or no regard for the facts, creating a body […]

From A.D.D. to A.D.O.D – Janet’s Journey.

Have you ever experienced the situation where a colleague comes into work with a completely new, fabulous hairstyle and moments after the initial surprise, you find it difficult to recall a mental picture of how they looked before? The new look is quickly adjusted to, (after several favourable comments) and life simply moves on. The […]

ADHD Coaching – Annette’s Story

Annette wrote this guest blog post in 2013. Although it says very kind things about my coaching, she and her husband are a great source of inspiration to me, as is their wonderful son.  As parents, the backpack we carry when our journey starts with our child can place a heavy burden on the shoulders. Some […]

Bored with Colouring Books? Try a Jigsaw. Or a Wasgij!

Every year, during the holiday break, my daughter and I build a jigsaw puzzle together. We’ve been doing this for about 10 years, and it has become a precious part of our annual downtime together. We started with jigsaws of beautiful paintings. Depictions of ballet dancers by Degas inspired us, as the works of art […]

7 Facts You Need to Know About ADHD

ADHD is Real Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council, along with organisations in other parts of the world recognises that Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a real, brain-based medical disorder. These organizations also concluded that children and adults with ADHD benefit from appropriate treatment. [1,2,3,4,5,6,7] ADHD is a Common, Non-Discriminatory Disorder ADHD is a non-discriminatory […]

Genes and ADHD in a Nutshell

No doubt you have heard several times that genes play an important part in ADHD. But what exactly does that mean? Well, it means that different types of genetics studies have identified links between ADHD and certain genes. There is also important research underway concerning the role of environmental factors and their interplay with genes, […]

Embracing Diversity in the Workplace

A 2010 article published in the Melbourne University Law Review addresses the issue of ADHD in the workplace. I was particularly pleased and proud to read it because it quotes my Masters research. For those who wish to read the article in its entirety, here is the reference: IT JUST DOESN’T ADD UP: ADD/ADHD, THE […]

The Focus Formula

The Focus Formula “I have such trouble getting started on a task, and then I have trouble stopping. The only easy bit is the middle.”  The frustration expressed by my client is something that I hear often. Perhaps you can relate? – The hardest part of doing something is actually getting started. There could be […]